“A white canvass is where I confess. It’s where my fear, indignation, fantasy, grief, and despair tumble to be voiced and reconciled. What emerges on the canvass is the conquest, the true essence of my ‘self’ and its complexity. Though the inspiration to paint comes from a place of darkness, in the process lies the joy. When I’m painting I am valiant, auspicious… victorious. I paint to balance my feelings. The figures, textures, colors and effects in my work are intended to strike an emotional involvement with the piece from the observer, one that will compel you to journey with my state during its creation. I choose to work with acrylic as it is conducive to the level of convention or experimentation I am seeking, and I often add water, wax, vinegar and other elements until the voice of the piece emerges. My finished works are often strange to myself since they are nothing of what I felt or wished to express when I began. However, the core of my original impulse is imbedded in the work to be discovered through endless exploration by the observer’s eye.”

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Cover Image: Primitive Memories Acrylic on canvas| 40″ x 51″ x 2″| 2015

Flashes of primitive memories with a contemporary touch. A feminine remembrance of a musical moment surrounded by symbols of life describing a very special almost romantic though. Look inside and you will find only whistle of life from a woman’s dream.